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Complete Quadcopter Education Kit

-  F450 Quadcopter Frame x1

-  Pixhawk Flight Control x1

-  GPS M8N X1 

-  GPS stand holder x1

-  Power Module x 1 

- 2312 Motors x4 (2x CW and 2x CCW)

- 9450 Propeller  (1 pair) 

- 40A Simonk ESC's

- Landing gear X 1


- Battery and charger kit, two 3s, 2200mAh Lipo batteries, 2-6s battery balance charger and low voltage alarm

- Digital radio control (transmitter), Turnigy 6 channel transmitter and IAC6 receiver


CASA Know Your Drone

Looking to build your first drone with the help of a step by step instruction guide?   Then this kit is for you it comes with everything you need to build a quadcopter. 

This kit has been assembled specifically for newcomers to drone technology, but it also allows you to add new sensors and components to the system. 

Choose your frame, either a 450mm or 500mm, 4 axis frame.

The package comes with all of the components you will need to build, program and fly your UAV, and you will also receive a step by step instruction kit. 

It comes with an Pixhawk2 Flight controller and GPS (M8N) so this will allow you to have a fully autonomous drone that can fly missions and other tasks. 

You also get a full set of instructions to guide you through the build and programming.

This kit is perfect for schools wanting to engage students in drone technology. Please contact us for a customised education package.

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