1. DroneDeploy Information Sessions

    DroneDeploy Information Sessions

    DroneDeploy has developed into a must have tool for aerial, providing an end-to-end solution for aerial  data capture, analysis and reporting.

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  2. Drone Pilot Training

    Drone Pilot Training

    Drones2 has teamed up with Australian Training Management in the delivery of Remotely Piloted Pilot License (RePL) here in Perth, Western Australia. Beyond RePL training training modules that encompass infrastructure inspection, mapping and data analysis are also available.

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  3. Drones2 - West Busselton Primary -School

    Drones2Schools loved working with the West Busselton Primary School students and teachers in drone technology.

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  4. New Drone Laws

    New Australian Drone Registration Laws

    It's been talked about for some time now, and Australia will follow the US in adopting drone regulation laws, whereby any person who owns and flies a drone must register with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

    We think this is a good thing......

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  5. Getting Up To Speed - Splashdrone3

    The Splashdrone3 is a feat in waterproof drones, perfect for flying around our big coastline, but like any drone, there are some important considerations before and during flight. 

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  6. TedEx Perth

    Loved being part of the TedEx Perth with Applecross Primary School!


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  7. School's Build and Fly

     Drones2 delivering build and fly workshops at Perth Scotch College in November and December. 



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  8. ArduPilot Conference October 2017

    Hosted By Hex Technology Pty Ltd, an excellent series of presentations from world class open source unmanned aviation experts.

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  9. Safe Skies with Drones

    Some of the latest initiatives from CASA to make our skies safe with the ever increasing use of drones.... Check out the new safety App "Can I fly there"

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  10. Intro to Drones

    Drones are growing in popularity and for good reason!

    Over recent years drone technology has advanced dramatically, what used to be out of reach of the average person, is now affordable and has technology that makes them easy to fly.

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