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Safe Skies with Drones

By Leanne McKenzie 22 June 2017

Some of the latest initiatives from CASA to make our skies safe with the ever increasing use of drones.... Check out the new safety App "Can I fly there"



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Intro to Drones

By Leanne McKenzie 15 June 2017

Drones are growing in popularity and for good reason!

Over recent years drone technology has advanced dramatically, what used to be out of reach of the average person, is now affordable and has technology that makes them easy to fly.

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DJI Immersive Goggles

By Leanne McKenzie 10 June 2017

The first of the DJI Goggles have arrived and they were snapped up pretty quickly too. Sleek, with clean lines, but the BIG question is, how do they perform?

We hear from our customers how the goggles faired.....

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DJI Familiarisation Sessions Commencing

By dev dyna 17 April 2017

A common query we have received is, do we run sessions to help newcomers to drones understand their new machine, the operating environment and simple tips and tricks to getting the most from your drone. 

Here at Drones2 we believe there is a lot more to just buying a drone, there is knowing how, where and under what circumstances drones can be used.

A drone is an advanced piece of flying technology and we want you to get the most of your machine, whilst operating the aircraft in a responsible manner to promote wider acceptance within our community of this emerging technology.

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Typhoon H - Quick Review

By Drones2 15 June 2016

First Impressions:


Whoa look at the size of the remote! When you first open up the H the size of the remote seems quite large compared to your average controller. Measuring in at 34cm wide, it has everything you could possibly think of to control your Typhoon H. The overall look and feel of the H seems to meet expectations with smooth lines and a quality finished product.

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