DroneDeploy Information Sessions

DroneDeploy has developed its product extensively to provide aerial data solutions in many applications, including:

  • Construction comparative reporting of stockpiles, elevation profiles, elevation points and stockpile volumes, cut and fill comparisons.
  • Construction stockpile AI and reporting - amounts and volumes of different materials.
  • Thermal live maps to determine live issues with infrastructure such as solar panels.
  • Ground control AI to speed up ground truthing.
  • AI counts on objects such as cars and trees.

Along with mission planning and re-flight checks, DroneDeploy also manages flight logs and pilot equipment. Workflows have been developed to streamline the process of data capture through to reporting. 

With all of these developments in DroneDeploy, and more enhancements in the pipeline, Drones2 has identified the need to provide group information sessions for Drones2 registered DroneDeploy subscribers. Contact us to find out whent the next session is scheduled.