Drones are growing in popularity and for good reason!

Over recent years drone technology has advanced dramatically, what used to be out of reach of the average person, is now affordable and has technology that makes them easy to fly.

Drones have a huge number of applications;

  • aerial photography for your holidays or sporting activities, capturing your pets
  • racing drones with goggles to bring first person view (FPV)
  • surveying and mapping, producing 3D models of landscape and buildings,
  • agriculture, vegetation and crop monitoring, taking on the role of the sheep dog in herding sheep and cattle
  • monitoring landscape changes, coastal erosion, vegetation loss,
  • shark spotting, surf life saving and rescue assistance
  • infrastructure and asset inspection.

While there’s plenty of talk about home delivery of pizzas and packages, it’s probably quite a way off, BUT in July, Dubai will commence self flying taxis – drone transport. The Jetpack is no longer a cartoon fantasy…..  http://fortune.com/2017/02/16/dubai-travel-drones-air-taxi-ehang-184/ 

At Drones2 we offer a drone solution, not only do we supply drones, but we guide our customers on the best drone solution for their application, from simply capturing some memorable aerial imagery on your next family holiday, to a more complex mapping or aerial monitoring need.

The Difference with Drones2 is that we inform you about the drone technology so that you are equipped to fly safely and get the most out of your drone. We even help you build your own drone, if that’s a challenge you’re keen for!

Drones come in all different sizes, many different capabilities,  ready to fly (RTF) or in kit form to build, check out our ranges and contact us with any questions.