All drones need some basic understanding in the system, if you want to get the most out of your Splashdrone3 here are some suggestions.


There are numerous academy tutorial videos, including unboxing, first flight, calibrations, ground station & flying App (follow me) provided by SwellPro, before you get your Splashdrone3 airborne, take the time to check these out. They can be found here.

Also take the time to read the user manual and check out the downloads availabile on the SwellPro site. There are a number of Apps available to run with the Splashdrone3, to begin with it's wise to fly the drone with the basics, remote controller and drone, to get a feel for the system.

Here are some tips to get you started, that often trip up first time users. 

- Calibrate your compass!! - all compass calibrations should to carried out in an open space well away from metal objects. Best not to carry out a compass calibration in your backyard near your shed, or on a boat. A compass is affected by magnetic elements. If your compass is not calibrated, you may not have control of your aircraft, it can drift and behave eratically, so make sure your understand the process for calibration and that you receive confirmation from the indicator lights of a successful calibration. 

-  Taking videos and photos is a little different in the Splashdrone3, so read your instructions. Photos and videos are taken from the remote controller, toggling the switch between photo/video and preview to complete the capture. This is really important for video capture, if you do not return the switch to preview position (closing the loop), you will NOT save your footage. Check the screen for confirmation of recording.   

-  Remember motors will not arm (start up) if you are in GPS mode and you do not have enough satellites. You can always start in Atti mode, but remember you won't have the return to home position in Atti mode.

- As with all drones, if the Splashdrone3 starts to misbehave in GPS mode, switch to Atti mode, take over full manual flight control by disconnecting from satellites, either land or switch back to GPs mode.

- Understand the return to home behaviour before you launch, height of return to home and distance from launch point. 

The Splashdrone3 is a well designed, robust drone, if you understand the system, spend the time to read the instructions and check out the tutorials, you should have some great flights.