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Yuneec Typhoon H520 E50 - Infrastructure Inspection


  • H520 Hexacopter ready to fly,
  • 2x High-voltage batteries,
  • ST16S ground station with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz,
  • cloverleaf and patch antenna,
  • DataPilotTM App preinstalled,
  • SC4000-4H charger with power adapter,
  • 2 sets of rotor blades,
  • anti-glare shield
  • E50 Camera

The E50 camera is a medium focal length, high resolution, gimbal stabilized imaging system perfectly suited for use in inspection or cinema applications. The E50 utilizes a high aperture 1/2.3 inch CMOS imager that is capable to capture still images with 12 MP resolution.


CASA Know Your Drone



The H520 has been developed for inspection, law enforcement, security, construction, surveying, mapping applications, photography, film making and many other commercial applications with the highest standards of ight time, safety and exibility.

With its powerful positioning capability the H520 is far superior than any other sub 2kg system when it comes to high interference areas, a critical factor in infrastructure inspection. Its power to weight ratio and six rotor system provides stability in high wind and gusty conditions.


Its solid design with precision compass, stable and precise ight characteristics, as well as the numerous safety features make the H520 the ultimate copter for professionals and UAV enthusiasts.

Reliable, Stable and Precise

Even in high-wind environments, the Yuneec H520 sUAS system is able to hold position, allowing the solution to fly even when a manned inspection would be deemed unsafe. Exclusive flight speed control offers slowest speed above stall flight for maximum precision in challenging environments. H520’s landing gear retracts out of the way to give you a full, 360° view of the world to capture important data in the field. Also Commercial, comprehensive service packages are available separately.

Secure Data

Your data belongs to you. The H520 Hexacopter and the ST16S remote control communicate directly, so there is no involuntary data transfer to servers in China, Germany or anywhere else in the world. Neither flight data nor images, videos or logfiles are forwarded to external servers and remain in your possession. Thus, your data is optimally protected.

Customisable, Hot-swap Payload Options

All of our H520 cameras are hot swap-capable on our sUAS platforms, allowing for significant time-savings through not requiring a power-down/restart of the UAS system. This also allows for consistency of data-storage, rather than using multiple storage devices and locations.  Whether it’s thermal imaging, long focal length, or wide focal-length data capture, memory cards may be swapped from device to device.

Key Features- H520

  • Precise and safe Hexacopter platform

  • HV batteries with up to 28 minutes flight time

  • Various hot-swap-capable camera options

  • Precision compass, low interference

  • SDK (Software Development Kit) available making it open

    to third-party software providers

  • 2D / 3D mapping capability

  • Waypoint, Survey Mode, Point to Fly (incl. offline maps)

  • Low operating noise

  • Paintwork for increased visibility

  • Service and maintenance packages available

  • Energy efficient

  • High satellite coverage (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO)

  • ST16S remote control with integrated 7“ touch screen,

  • HDMI and voice output



The E50, with a lens that approximately corresponds to a 40 mm fixed focal length lens, is parti- cularly suitable for aerial inspection work. In contrast to most other multicopter cameras, which are usually wide-angle, the E50 has a comparatively long focal length, which ensures that the pilot can hold the H520 at a safe distance from the object being inspected. Because of its longer focal range, the E50 is also ideally suited for close-up film settings. The high-quality 10-piece glass lens provides a perfect image with resolutions of up to 4K at 30 frames per second.

Key Features:

• Lens corresponds to 40 mm focal length
• Histogram support for professional exposure control • Continuous 360° rotation
• Full camera control with the ST16S
• 720p digital live image transmission to ST16S

Technical Details:

• DNR: 2D Filter
• Effective pixels: 12 Megapixels
• Elements: 10G
• FOV: DFOV 58° ± 3°
• Framerate: 24/25/30/48/50/60/120
• FSTOP range: F2.4 ± 5%
• Gimbal axes: 3
• Gimbal control accuracy: ± 0.03°
• ISO range: 100 - 3200
• Max video resolution: 4K 30FPS
• Gimbalmaximumcontrolrange:TILT:-90°-15°PAN:360°limitless • Gimbal maximum control speed: TILT: 50°/s PAN: 50°/s
• Minimum SD card: Class 10 u3
• MTF: 104lp/mm, Center: 0.6, Corner : 0.4
• Sensor size: 1/2.3 Inch CMOS
• Shutter speed: 1/8000 - 4s
• Shutter type: Rolling
• SNR: ISO100, SNR 32db
• Storage temperature: -10°C - 50°C
• Operating temperature: -10°C - 40°C
• Weight: 275 g

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