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Phantom 3/4 (Adv/Pro) & Inspire Long Range Antenna

1 x DJI Long Range Antenna Kit

Want longer range and a more stable connection from your Phantom 3 (Pro/Adv) then this is the upgrade you need!


1. Redesigned antenna array with LHCP + RHCP helix 10.5dBi gain, 60 degrees beamwidth (measured at half power). It minimizes cross-talk when using high power rf        amplifiers.

2. 3d printed plastic mount

3. 2 mmcx to rp-sma female pigtail cables to modify the radio control.

Distances of 6+ miles with exceptionally good reception are possible with this kit.


Please note: Flying outside line of site is not permitted in Australia unless you have the correct qualifications an have applied for an exemption.

We sell these upgrade kits as it allows for a stronger signal, which means less chance of a drop out when flying in areas with interference.


Please choose if you want these installed and setup or just the diy kit.

The above price is just for the antenna unit. (This does not fit the Phantom 3 Standard please see our other kit)



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