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D2Mapper - Mapping Fixed Wing UAV

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Rugged Professional Mapping Platform for Aerial Data Collection 

Fully atuomous the D2 Mapper allows you to collect geo referenced aerial data today that can be turned into maps and 3d models.

Built tough the D2 Mapper is built to meet  Australian conditions and provide you with reliable & safe flights day after day. 


Easy Setup, Transportation and Flight

The D2 Mapper comes in an pelican type case that holds all the equipment that you need to fly. Allowing you to easily and safetly transport your equipment to the locations that you need to go.

Case Size: 800 x 520 x 300 mm

Setup can be done in under 5 mintues and that is from case to ready to fly.

No flight skills required. Don't know how to fly. That's no problem as you can plan completely automonous missions from take off to landing all you have to do is push a button.


Mapping Area and Onboard Cameras 

Able to map 1km2 per flight with an high resolution 4cm/px. 

20mp High resolution camera with an large 1" sensor or if needed you can use the Sequioa multispectral camera.


Spare Parts & Repairs (Free loan D2 Mapper)

Because we build these here in Australia we have spare parts in stock at resonable prices should they be needed.

We also offer repair services if needed and if you have an urgent job to do! No problem at all as we will take your D2 mapper in and give you a loan unit for you to

finish off your job.  


Training and Support 

1/2 Day training in included with every D2 Mapper teaching you safety, setup procedure, mission planning image transfer so that you are ready to put the images into your software of choice.

We are also available on the phone or via email whenever you need us for any questions or help.


Includes everything you need to get mapping 

  • D2 Mapper Wing
  • Controller 
  • Long Distance Computer Link
  • 2 x Battery 
  • Battery Charger
  • Camera 
  • Heavy Duty Travel Case




Additional Information

Short Description

1 x D2 Mapper

1 x Controller

1 x Long Range Computer Link

2 x Batteries

1 x Battery Charger 

1 x Heavy Duty Travel Case

1 x Camera 


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