Drone Training

Learn the basics of your drone, the rules and fly confidently!

Drones2 Flight Academy

UAV Traning






Drone & flight basics!

Learn from the drone experts.

Drone Field Training

This training session will get you up and running, you will know the rules, you'll know your drone and how to fly with confidence. What we cover:

- Drone technology, you learn the basics of your drone and how it works.

- Drone Regulations, where, when and how to fly. 

- Pre-flight planning, prepare your aircraft properly and your flight mission.

- Practical flying exercises in the field to improve your skill and confidence. 

 Group or private sessions available. Contact us for more information. 

Aerial Mapping

Learn to make the most of your drone, learn how to plan and fly pre set missions.


Become a Drone Pilot

Contact us to find out about beocming a qualified drone pilot. 

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