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A drone is an aircraft. Understanding the basics of your drone, its limitations and basic flight modes, your flying environment and the regulations associated with drone flight is fundamental to safe and responsible drone usage.

As part of your new drone purchased at Drones2, we will familiarise you with regulations, drone technology and the basic functions for your new drone. Our intention is that you will get the most out of your new drone and that you have the basic knowledge and understanding to fly in control, safely and responsibly. Pop into our store, or check out our drone range on our website.

Our familiarisation sessions are run in Perth, but we can also provide regional and remote sessions over the phone. There are two training options:

Drone Field Training  - $150 (Complementary with drone purchase)

- Drone technology, you learn the basics of this advanced technology so that you understand how the drone works and feel more confident operating your drone.

- Regulations, drones are essentially remotely piloted (un-manned) aircraft and there are strict regulations associated with where, when and how to fly. 

- Operating your drone, we bring the learning back to your drone, overview procedures pre and post flight and guidance with developing manual flying skills.

- Practical flying exercises in the field to equip new donre users with the basics of manual flight. This session involves all aspects from pre flight, start up, flying exercises and post flight. Whilst DJI and Yuneec drones have the technology to fly themselves, your capability in manual flight will equip you to avoid collisions and potential loss of your aircraft. 

If you are seeking certified training for either a remotely piloted aircraft licence (RePL) or a commercial operating certificate, we can also provide guidance to assist you. There is also plenty of information on the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) website here on flying drones in Australia.

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